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Summer is here! Here are a few summer cleaning tips...

#1: Clean the air conditioner filter

An air conditioner that is clogged up with dust and dirt won’t function. Simply clean the filter with warm soapy water or with a vacuum cleaner.

#2: Clean & reverse the fan

Dusty fans only enhance summer allergies and hay fever symptoms. When cleaning the fan, make sure you also change the direction of the blades to counterclockwise. This trick pushes the cold air down ultimately saving you money on energy costs by making your air conditioner more effective.

#3: Wash those windows and screens

Take advantage of the good weather and spend a morning cleaning your windows. Clean them well with soapy water and a sponge instead of window cleaner.

#4: Patio Cleaning

The summer time hang out is the patio so make sure to keep this space swept, rid areas of moss and keep those grills covered. To clear moss and lichen use a quick spritz of a bleach/water mixture or soda crystals. These natural methods will kill and dry out the lichen, simply rake the patio clear and begin enjoying your like-new outdoor space.

#5: Clean the fridge

In hotter climates, bacteria grow faster -- even in the refrigerator. Take the time to clean out your fridge, rinsing down the surfaces with gentle antibacterial soap and throwing out anything expired or moldy. This is fruit and veggie season so also consider investing in a good veggie cleaner.

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When performing the cleaning, don't forget to clean the filters and ducts of the air conditioning unit. Also, if you can't perform this task on your own, then prefer calling an HVAC Contractor for that job. In that way, you can have clean and hygiene air during summer.

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